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A class of medical drugs, e.g., statins. Classes can represent general pharmacological class, common mechanisms of action, common physiological effects, etc.

Usage: Between 100 and 1000 domains
PropertyExpected TypeDescription
Properties from DrugClass
drug Drug A drug in this drug class.
Properties from MedicalTherapy
adverseOutcome MedicalEntity A possible complication and/or side effect of this therapy. If it is known that an adverse outcome is serious (resulting in death, disability, or permanent damage; requiring hospitalization; or is otherwise life-threatening or requires immediate medical attention), tag it as a seriouseAdverseOutcome instead.
contraindication MedicalContraindication A contraindication for this therapy.
duplicateTherapy MedicalTherapy A therapy that duplicates or overlaps this one.
indication MedicalIndication A factor that indicates use of this therapy for treatment and/or prevention of a condition, symptom, etc. For therapies such as drugs, indications can include both officially-approved indications as well as off-label uses. These can be distinguished by using the ApprovedIndication subtype of MedicalIndication.
seriousAdverseOutcome MedicalEntity A possible serious complication and/or serious side effect of this therapy. Serious adverse outcomes include those that are life-threatening; result in death, disability, or permanent damage; require hospitalization or prolong existing hospitalization; cause congenital anomalies or birth defects; or jeopardize the patient and may require medical or surgical intervention to prevent one of the outcomes in this definition.
Properties from MedicalEntity
code MedicalCode A medical code for the entity, taken from a controlled vocabulary or ontology such as ICD-9, DiseasesDB, MeSH, SNOMED-CT, RxNorm, etc.
guideline MedicalGuideline A medical guideline related to this entity.
medicineSystem MedicineSystem The system of medicine that includes this MedicalEntity, for example 'evidence-based', 'homeopathic', 'chiropractic', etc.
recognizingAuthority Organization If applicable, the organization that officially recognizes this entity as part of its endorsed system of medicine.
relevantSpecialty MedicalSpecialty If applicable, a medical specialty in which this entity is relevant.
study MedicalStudy A medical study or trial related to this entity.
Properties from Thing
additionalType URL An additional type for the item, typically used for adding more specific types from external vocabularies in microdata syntax. This is a relationship between something and a class that the thing is in. In RDFa syntax, it is better to use the native RDFa syntax - the 'typeof' attribute - for multiple types. Schema.org tools may have only weaker understanding of extra types, in particular those defined externally.
alternateName Text An alias for the item.
description Text A short description of the item.
image ImageObject  or
An image of the item. This can be a URL or a fully described ImageObject.
mainEntityOfPage URL  or
Indicates a page (or other CreativeWork) for which this thing is the main entity being described.

See background notes for details.
Inverse property: mainEntity.
name Text The name of the item.
potentialAction Action Indicates a potential Action, which describes an idealized action in which this thing would play an 'object' role.
sameAs URL URL of a reference Web page that unambiguously indicates the item's identity. E.g. the URL of the item's Wikipedia page, Freebase page, or official website.
url URL URL of the item.

Instances of DrugClass may appear as values for the following properties
PropertyOn TypesDescription
drugClass Drug The class of drug this belongs to (e.g., statins).


This class contains information contributed by WikiDoc.


<h1>About High Blood Pressure (hypertension)</h1>
High blood pressure is diagnosed by measuring ...
There are many common treatments for high blood pressure,
including beta-blocker drugs such as propanaolol (Innopran)
and atenonlol (Tenormin) ...
<body itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/MedicalWebPage">
  <link itemprop="audience" href="http://schema.org/Patient" />
  <link itemprop="specialty" href="http://schema.org/Cardiovascular" />
  <meta itemprop="lastReviewed" content="2011-09-14"/>
    <span itemprop="about" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/MedicalCondition">
      <span itemprop="name">High Blood Pressure</span>
      (<span itemprop="name">hypertension</span>)</span>
  <h2><span itemprop="aspect">Diagnosis</span></h2>
  High blood pressure is diagnosed by measuring ...
  <h2><span itemprop="aspect">Treatment</span></h2>
  There are many common treatments for high blood pressure,
  <span itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/DrugClass">
    <span itemprop="name">beta-blocker</span> drugs such as
    <span itemprop="drug" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Drug">
      <span itemprop="nonProprietaryName">propanaolol</span>
      (<span itemprop="otherName">Innopran</span>)
    <span itemprop="drug" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Drug">
      <span itemprop="nonProprietaryName">atenolol</span>
      (<span itemprop="otherName">Tenormin</span>)
    </span> ...
<body vocab="http://schema.org/" typeof="MedicalWebPage">
  <link property="audience" href="http://schema.org/Patient" />
  <link property="specialty" href="http://schema.org/Cardiovascular" />
  <meta property="lastReviewed" content="2011-09-14"/>
    <span property="about" typeof="MedicalCondition">
      <span property="name">High Blood Pressure</span>
      (<span property="name">hypertension</span>)</span>
  <h2><span property="aspect">Diagnosis</span></h2>
  High blood pressure is diagnosed by measuring ...
  <h2><span property="aspect">Treatment</span></h2>
  There are many common treatments for high blood pressure,
  <span  typeof="DrugClass">
    <span property="name">beta-blocker</span> drugs such as
    <span property="drug" typeof="Drug">
      <span property="nonProprietaryName">propanaolol</span>
      (<span property="otherName">Innopran</span>)
    <span property="drug" typeof="Drug">
      <span property="nonProprietaryName">atenolol</span>
      (<span property="otherName">Tenormin</span>)
    </span> ...
<script type="application/ld+json">
  "@context": "http://schema.org",
  "@type": "MedicalWebPage",
  "about": {
    "@type": "MedicalCondition",
    "name": [
      "High Blood Pressure",
  "aspect": [
  "audience": "http://schema.org/Patient",
  "drug": [
      "@type": "Drug",
      "nonProprietaryName": "propanaolol",
      "otherName": "Innopran"
      "@type": "Drug",
      "nonProprietaryName": "atenolol",
      "otherName": "Tenormin"
  "lastReviewed": "2011-09-14",
  "name": "beta-blocker",
  "specialty": "http://schema.org/Cardiovascular"

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